Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson

Stonewall Jackson
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Thomas Jackson was born January 20 or 21 in 1820.
The doctor, Dr. James McAlly, says he was born before midnight, but without the legal birth certificate nobody knows for sure.
He was the third child of Jonathan Jackson and Judith Beckworth Neale.
As a Young Man

Enlistment in the Army

On July 1,1846 Thomas graduated from West Point.
He spent a fruststrating ten months, in poor conditions, at Port Isabel before he got to fight.
Jackson served in Captain John B. Magruder's force, attacking the Chapultepec castle in Mexico.
west point academy
West Point

Beginning of the Civil War

He supported John C. Breckinridge from the confederacy to be president.
Because of his expemplary service record he was given command of Harpers Ferry.
Robert E. Lee relied heavily on Jackson because he knew he would follow orders.
civil war

The Nickname Stonewall

During the battle of Antietam, the Union troops were winning when Jackson ordered his men stand up like a stone wall.
They stood firm until reinforcements arrived and went on to win the battle.
The Battle of Antietam


During the battle of Chancellorsville, he got shot while scouting at night.
Jackson was shot once on his right hand and twice in his left arm by a nervous sentry from his own party.
The injury cost him his left arm.
Robert E. Lee was quoted as saying, "He has lost his left arm, but I have lost my right."
Jackson developed pneumonia and died a few days later.
The burial site of Stonewall Jackson's amputated arm.

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was a very important person.

Noah Crookston - 2014 - Campbell - Social Studies